Bigfoot Monster Hunter 1.8 Apk + Mod for Android Download

Bigfoot Monster Hunter 1.8 Apk + Mod for Android Terbaru gratis

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Bigfoot Monster Hunter 1.8 Apk + Mod for Android


Bigfoot Monster Hunter

Bigfoot Monster Hunter is FPS horror survival where you play as a brave hunter who looks for a mysterious monster beast deep in the northern forest! You have heard the rumors that a lot of people got lost in the forest and later found dead. A lot of people who went on finding bigfoot just dissapeared. Knowing that this adventure might be very dangerous you prepared for it. In your arsenal you got small spy cameras, bear traps, hunting rifle, flashlight and all the stuff that might be useful. The goal is very easy – track and hunt down the monstrous beast. But be careful or the Bigfoot is going to tear you apart!

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You have to act really smart while tracking the Sasquatch. This monster have already killed a lot of people and it knows what to do. Always remember that in any moment a hunter may become a prey. Place traps, set up cameras to look around and always be ready for an attack from behind. This thing is clever and already know your weak sides.

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Bigfoot Monster Hunter has three difficulties so when you finish the first one, you will be able to test your strength on another level of difficulty. We promise you it won’t be easy. So if you are a fan of hunting games and hunting simulators, if you want to hunt down mysterious creature and be a brave and fearless hunter than Bigfoot Monster Hunter is a perfect pick for you! Good luck and good hunt!


– Fixed various bugs

Please, leave a comment and tell us what monster do you want to hunt next time!

Bigfoot Monster Hunter Apk

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