Scientific Calculator (adfree) 4.0.9 APK for Android Download

Scientific Calculator (adfree) 4.0.9 APK for Android Terbaru gratis

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Scientific Calculator (adfree) 4.0.9 APK for Android

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TechCalc+ contains 12 computing modes in one application + a handy reference section.

Modes included are:

  • Basic Mode,
  • Scientific Mode,
  • 64-bit Programmer Mode (Hex, Oct, Bin and Dec),
  • Graphing (save copy of graph to sdcard),
  • Matrices,
  • Complex Numbers (cartesian, polar, using Euler’s identity),
  • Quick Formulas,
  • Quick Converter,
  • Time Calculator,
  • Equation Solver,
  • Calculus (Derivative, Definite Integral, Taylor Series & Indefinite Integral) – requires Android version 2.3 or higher
  • Financial
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+ the Periodic Table of Elements!

Features include:

  • All Trigonometric operations (radians, degrees or gradients)
  • Powers & Roots
  • Logs and Antilogs
  • Factorial, Modulus & Random Numbers functions
  • HCF, LCM, Prime factorization
  • Pol() & Rec() Functions
  • Permutations (nPr) and Combinations (nCr)
  • Statistics
  • Fractions Mode
  • A wide range of conversion categories and constants
  • 20 Memory Registers in each of the calculation modes
  • Detailed calculation history
  • Extensive Help and Reference
  • Highly customizable via the Settings

The reference section includes:

  • Physical Laws
  • Names in the Metric System
  • Mathematical Tables
  • Elementary & Linear Algebra
  • Trigonometric Identities
  • Differentiation & Integration Rules
  • Statistics Formulas
  • Vector Mathematics
  • ASCII, Fractional Bits & Roman Numeral Converters
  • pH, Interpolation, Body Mass Index (BMI), Percentage & Proportion Calculators
  • Sigma & Pi Notation
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Please email any questions that are not answered in the Help section.


02/10 (ver 4.0.9)
* added Characteristics of an RLC Circuit to the Reference Section
* added 4 new options in the Settings: 1)Show Symbols (and not Values) for π and e, 2)Enable Black Background for Settings, 3)Enable Custom Colors for Quick Formulas, 4)Change Text Size for Quick Formulas

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