Download E-Robot Pro 1.44.2 Apk for Android Terbaru

E-Robot Pro 1.44.2 Apk for Android Terbaru gratis

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E-Robot Pro 1.44.2 Apk for Android

This is an automation application which makes it possible for your device to execute commands automatically. When you create a command you can specify which actions to execute when a given event occurs.

The application is an alternative to other similar applications to automate tasks, handle profiles, etc.: Tasker, AutomateIt, Llama, Locale, Profiles, …

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The application allows you to specify more than 130 event types and execute more than 80 action types; furthermore, all event and action types can be parameterized, making the app even more versatile, and its functionality may be expanded in the future.

E-Robot can handle events which are location-based, time-triggered, application-handled, and more.


  • More than 130 parameterized event types (location-based, application-based, scheduling, …)
  • More than 80 parameterized action types
  • Conditions can be used for both events and actions
  • Variables and expressions
  • Positioning is based on cells, geo coordinates or wi-fi networks
  • Command execution can be event-triggered or manually using shortcuts
  • Manual confirmation can be set for command execution
  • Efficient operation, there is a Performance screen to check it
  • Full backup and restore possibility
  • History and Debug of command execution
  • 3rd party support: Elixir 2 profile activation, Locale action plugins, Ipack icons
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The wi-fi-based location detection is a perfect usage of the new “Scanning always available” feature of Android 4.4 even if wi-fi is disabled.

This free version contains ads but there is a Pro Key which hide ads and removes this restriction.

Languages: english, magyar, polski

Contact: [email protected]


– New action: Battery / Change battery save state
– New action: System / Set statusbar icon (36 icons)
– New expression: Battery / Battery save state
– New expression: Operator / Convert to lowercase
– New expression: Operator / Convert to uppercase
– Stop application (group) action: improved force-stop
– Debug screen: fix for Android 7.0
– Other fixes and changes
E-Robot Pro Apk
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